06.03.2018 * Gbelce * (SK) * Puppies in spring 2018

  • Posted on:  Thursday, 08 March 2018 07:56

In the end of March 2018, we are expecting a very interesting litter. Based on good genealogy and last year´s experience, we mated Faith and Dante again.
Angelus mei Faith was born 12.04.2012. Among other prizes she´s International Champion, Champion of Champions, Hungarian Champion, Slovak Champion, Slovak Junior Champion, Czech Junior Champion. She is JE Free, HD AA, LSD NN, Furnishing Ff.
Dante delle Gualdarie was born 22.01.2010. Among other prizes he´s World Winner 2015, Italian Champion, San Marino Champion, International Champion, Social Champion Bagnara 2013, Montenegro Champion, Mediterranean Champion, Riproduction Champion. He is JE Carrier, HD AA, LSD GG, Furnishing FF.

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